Social Media & Self-Expression: Is Privacy in Danger?

For those of us who used to write letters or send post cards to friends before the web, extolling our adventures was usually limited to a handful of people. Now within minutes you can circulate your latest exploits in word, photo or video and reach millions. Check out the latest YouTUbe video that’s gone viral. It takes little more than pushing a few buttons and voila, your message is out there for the whole world to view. Now anybody can be famous or infamous for that matter. Just ask the Luke Magnottas of this world. For good or bad, self-expression is becoming easier and easier. Putting up your holiday snaps on Facebook or a video of your grandchildren taking their first few steps is a piece of cake. But do you really know who is watching? Sure there are supposed to be privacy options on social media sites, but how many people are using them? Also once media is posted are you sure you can delete it if you want to? Are we giving up privacy for the lure of a little bit of stardom? Maybe. What do you think?


About M. Behrend

As a kid growing up in the sixties I had an overactive imagination. As an adult I realized that sometimes the truth can be more amazing than fiction. Everybody has at least one good story to tell.

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