The Boomers are Coming, Hungry to Learn

1945 was a milestone on this planet. The biggest, baddest war the world had ever seen came to an end. Millions of men and women came home from military service, settled down and started having babies. For the next 15 years these new peacetime parents pumped out even more babies creating a boom of children, all having to be fed, clothed and sent to school. Hence the word “boomers”. So many kids were born that the schools couldn’t accommodate them all. In fact my earliest recollection of school was having to take grade 1 in a portable trailer. We were packed in there like sardines. This huge generation of kids became teens by the mid to late sixties and influenced everything from the music scene, civil rights, the anti-war movement to politics and consumer trends. In the 70’s we became adults and major consumers. Advertisers looked to us for answers. What made us tick? What turned us on? We were the largest consumer group the world had ever seen. 67 years after the atom bomb ended the war to end all wars, we boomers are still a powerful economic force. We’re at an age where we’ve had a career or two, had a family, children, grandchildren and socked away a whack of money to carry us through to old age and beyond. Many of us have retired or are about to retire. We are bright, witty and curious. With time on our hands many of us are looking to complete that BA in History or Philosophy we never got around to. Want to try something a little more physical? How about dancing? That’s what lifelong learner Patty Jones decided to do. Here she is in competition.  


Lifelong Learning. Seize the day, live the moment!


About M. Behrend

As a kid growing up in the sixties I had an overactive imagination. As an adult I realized that sometimes the truth can be more amazing than fiction. Everybody has at least one good story to tell.

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