Does having a passion for song lyrics help improve learning?

We’ve all heard a favourite song on the radio, dvd or mp3 player at some time in our lives. What was it about that song that made you remember the lyrics, the words? Was it the groove, or did the song lyrics really strike a chord with you? Did they really hit home? Maybe your were travelling somewhere with that special someone, and the song summed up your exact feelings at that moment. What ever words or word and music combination you heard in that instant triggered your emotions and was powerful enough to lock those words into your long term memory. Good songs tell stories that hit home, make a point, make us laugh, cry, get angry or shout with joy. Emotions make us remember things more vividly because we are fully engaged and focussed.Learning can and should be like that too. Having a passion for learning means absorbing new things like a sponge, enjoying the experience so much you dream about it at times. Leodis Scott makes some interesting observations about song lyrics and learning in this post: linking-music-lyrics-to-learning
I’ve dabbled as a songwriter most of my life, made a few pennies at it too. It’s a wonderful craft and I’m always thrilled when I hear others putting there heart and soul into their writing. The stories flow and that perfect combination of words and musics make an indelible mark on the listener.  Yesterday, Layla, Candle in the Wind, Both Sides Now, Edmund Fitzgerald, the list of great songs is endless, the lyrics from those tunes seared in our brains forever. Now here’s one I bet you’ve never heard before. You might want to give this one a listen the next time you reach for the Jack Daniels.
Devil’s in the Bottle


About M. Behrend

As a kid growing up in the sixties I had an overactive imagination. As an adult I realized that sometimes the truth can be more amazing than fiction. Everybody has at least one good story to tell.

2 responses to “Does having a passion for song lyrics help improve learning?”

  1. Richard Schwier says :

    I think it’s all in the stories. Really, learning, education, teaching, song lyrics -all of them are story media, aren’t they. A colleague of mine, Alan Levine, has developed a big reputation for his Awesome Stories of Openness and his series of presentations, resources and workshops on 50+ Web 2.0 Ways to Tell a Story. Check out his stuff and see if it doesn’t resonate with you. And I never thought I’d hear someone compose and perform a song for a blog post in 802 — especially not one I would really enjoy listening to — but there you went and did it! Thanks! Amazing!

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