The Dangers of TWITTER: Are You an Addict?

As a mature tech user, and a “newbie” to TWITTER, I had some initial fears about this form of social media when I first tried it out 3 weeks ago. I knew from speaking with others, the service only allows 140 characters per “tweet”. Unlike Facebook where you can blather on ad nauseam,  Twitter puts the brakes on early. For those, like me, who tend to be rather descriptive in their writing habits (ok, verbose), that certainly cramps my style. Still I suppose if your plan is to communicate, you may as well get to the point. Once I’d filled in the requisite information I thought I was ready to tweet like a canary. Ah, but that’s just the beginning. In order to get any action from your tweets, you need to get busy joining like-minded groups and become a follower. But more than that, you need to check the status of your tweets often.How often? That depends. I guess if you’re really into this social network, you’ll be checking back every five minutes of so. For some people it becomes an addiction. According to  Darren Rovell a reporter with
CNBC Sports, it’s more prevalent than you think:
Addicted to Twitter


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As a kid growing up in the sixties I had an overactive imagination. As an adult I realized that sometimes the truth can be more amazing than fiction. Everybody has at least one good story to tell.

4 responses to “The Dangers of TWITTER: Are You an Addict?”

  1. Rick Schwier (@schwier) says :

    Ha! I’m definitely in need of the Twitter 12 step program. I think it would be interesting to help groups of seniors get started on Twitter, and encourage them for awhile. From what I’ve seen, there are a lot of lonely elderly people out there, and Twitter might be a good antidote. But getting people used to the environment can be tricky. It seems so pointless on the surface, and then after you use it, you find all kinds of ways it is actually relevant. For me, it fits the pace and cadence of my life pretty well. And when I need to check out for a few days, I don’t seem to have much of a problem. But I do miss it.

    • mbehrend says :

      What a great idea. Get seniors connected to Twitter. Not everyone will want to tune in so to speak. But those with a curiosity and willingness to try may find it opens up a new window to their world

  2. Aaron says :

    I’m reminded of Abe Simpson (Grandpa) from the Simpsons. He goes on at length about everything. I would love to read his tweets! I find that Twitter is a great way to get people to summarize and synthesize.
    Great post!

    • mbehrend says :

      Thanks for your comments Aaron. Now if only we could get politicians say what they need to in 140 characters I think we might have global warming sewn up.

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